Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Building a Studio: Installing The Window and Door and Insulation

When my wife first saw this house she thought it was, "The One". It has everything we want and need. It's in the same community we were in before, but really close to the school our children attend. It has tons of space. As it matters to art: It has a workshop in the basement and a detached garage. The door opens into the garden, which faces north. Right away we could picture how it would look when finished.

A temporary wall was built to support the weight of the roof before we cut the hole for the new door and window.

The window.

Inside looking out

Both the window and door.

It's pretty cold here in Canada. We have winter for eight or more months a year. So to turn a garage into a studio we felt that it really needed to be insulated properly. After building the floor up to get it off the concrete we then spray foamed it. We also did this to the ceiling. It was expensive, but we just felt that that's where the majority of heat loss occurs. We used bat insulation on the walls.

Apparently this stuff is deadly in liquid form (hence the hazmat suits) but within ten seconds I'm told you can it eat. I didn't believe them so I made my kids eat a bunch. Turns out they were right...

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