Monday, 2 September 2013

Building a Studio: Addendum-Not approaching Mastery

I have a huge amount of respect for someone that is a master in their chosen field. I don't really care what that field is. For example: I was travelling and helping a friend move out to Vancouver many years ago. He took me to a nice restaurant by the sea. It was late and the place was closing. I think we sat and watched this elderly Japanese man who was our waiter for a good half an hour as he folded linens. He was a master. He took pride in the task he was doing and you could tell. It was beautiful to watch. this brings me to the guys who did my ceiling, baseboards and trim. They are never going to be masters. It's a simple observation. Rushing through everything, hoping I would say that's good enough. Having to do it over again. Using cheap equiptment, complaining openly that they weren't making any money on this job. (aside-if you had taken pride in your work and done it properly the first time around, you would have made money).

If a person tries and fails, then learns from that and eventually succeeds, cool. That's the best way to learn and eventually master something. If they half ass their way through life, not cool.

I won't openly slam them online, but if you are in the area and need this kind of work done contact me please so I can tell you who they are and not to use them.

These guys were masters.

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