Thursday, 12 September 2013

Subfloor, Drywall and Fireplace

After the crew spray-foamed, the subfloor was installed. Nothing crazy here just your standard 3/4 inch plywood.

The original plan was to keep an existing fireplace that was in the garage. I think it was a furnace for the house but had been moved outside. The previous owners to us never used it and it wasn't hooked up. After much thinking we decided that after cleaning, servicing and connecting it, the furnace may not even work. When we opened it there were several mice nests in there.

So for the same price we decided to install a fireplace. There is already a gas line and then we didn't need to do any venting in the floor. From here we ran into a major delay because we couldn't get a gas inspector. This was because of the flood. I would have to agree that peoples homes were more of a priority than my studio.

Once that was all framed in and inspected we moved on to drywall. This step really gives you a sense of what the space will look like. The taped and mudded. Some weird angles in this space so it was a mudding challenge.

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